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Salesforce Architects do more than just design systems; they bring clarity and guide the path forward. When demos and release notes aren't enough, Swiggum Consulting can show you how Salesforce Industry clouds actually work and how they can support your business.

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Get Value With Salesforce Industries

You've seen those incredible "art of the possible" demos and read all the documentation and release notes. What now? Salesforce built compelling vertical solutions in several industries. But how do all those features work and how do you migrate from your customized org to the new standard functionality?

Salesforce Industries

Financial Services Cloud

After years of watching customers build custom banking apps on the platform, Salesforce introduced us to industry solutions with the FSC managed package. Since then, much of FSC's features are built right into the platform using "industry common capabilities." Now you have questions...

  • Do I still need the managed package? What's in it and how will it affect my org?

  • Can I use those common capability features without the package? How?

  • Should I use Rollup By Lookup Rules or Data Processing Engine? What's the difference?

  • What about the trailblazers who built their custom banking solutions on the platform? How do they move to FSC?

Get in touch and let's get you some answers.

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Salesforce Industries

Education Cloud

With roots in and open source software, the Education Data Architecture (EDA) is the foundation for many higher ed customer orgs. In 2023, Salesforce Industries shifted to Education Cloud: a standard education data model and a long list of features for student admissions, student services, and alumni advancement. But wait.....

  • Those industry common features look great but how do I adopt them in education?

  • How can I migrate my EDA org to Education Cloud?

  • What are Person Accounts and do I have to use them?

Let's talk about it!

Position Your Salesforce Org for Growth!

New orgs are fresh and fun! Just log in and get started. But what about your 10 year old org modified and maintained by multiple administrators, developers and consultants? How can you plan for any migration when you don't have a good handle on what's happening in your org right now, when one minor change breaks three other things? How up-to-date is your documentation? Did the last consultant provide any?

Clarity, Health and Growth Audit

Any new initiative in an existing Salesforce org requires a well documented and understood baseline. Skipping it creates problems: more errors, lost functionality, slow performance, security concerns and increased project risk. The CHG Audit is designed to shine a light on your Salesforce org as preparation for continued growth and business transformation. It includes:

  • Full documentation of all configuration in your org: data model, apps, user screens, automations and code.

  • Security review: permissions and sharing, coding vulnerabilities and best practices

  • Performance: Page load times, automation (Flow, Apex, etc) effects on transaction speed.

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